Apr. 27, 2015

If A Bridge Could Talk

If a bridge could talk
It’d have lots to tell
Of the travelers of life
That cross its thoroughfare.

If a bridge could talk
Indeed it would echo
What pours from the heart
Of those who come and go.

It would tell of humble tales
And those of great pride.
And those that are guilt ridden
Deep, deep down inside.

There’d be tails of love
And there’d be tales of hate.
Many would boast of unity
And some of debate.

Some would speak of gain
But most would talk of loss.
Some would tell of sacrifice
That came at such great cost.

Only if a bridge could talk.
I’m sure that it’d echo
What it hears from the mouth
Of those who come and go.

But, luckily for some,
A bridge won’t kiss and tell;
For it is sworn to secrecy,
And holds those secrets well.

(Revised 2/2016)

© Walterrean Salley