Apr. 27, 2015

In Heaven...

Someday the poor will flour’sh.
Hunger shall cease to be.
The lame will leap for joy.
The groping blind shall see.
Paralytics made whole--
What a glorious sight.
The prisoner of death
Shall live in perfect light.
Age will be no factor,
For time shall be no more.
Shadowy nights are banned
From that glorious shore.

The dumb will plainly talk
And sing aloud with glee.
The crippled, they shall walk
And stroll the crystal sea.
The lowly and downcast,
Who now must poorly fare,
Shall be duly honored
With grand dignity there.

No gurney is needed.
No wheelchair, walker, cane.
Don’t need any medics,
For there will be no pain.
Prosthetics and braces
Eyeglasses, crutches too
Are all barred from heaven
Where everything is new.
There will be no sickness,
Poverty, stride, nor strife.
But only peace and health,
Love and eternal life.

(Revised 10/2016)

(c) 1999 w. salley