Apr. 28, 2015

I Have Hope

Perhaps I cannot see tomorrow
From today's perch
Or know the sole outcome
Of my every search.
Perhaps I haven't reached the goal
For which I've built my dreams
Nor known the lone encounter
Of every winding stream,
But I have hope.

Perhaps I cannot count the stars
Or call each by name
Nor embrace the soaring heights
Of riches, wealth and fame.
I may not rub shoulders
With princes, kings and queens—
But truly I have touched the heart
Of One who is supreme,
And I have hope.

I haven’t climbed great mountains
And stood upon each peak
To wave the victor’s banner
And revel as I speak.
I may not even have the strength
To stand so strong and tall
And with every other step
To stumble or to fall,
But I have hope.

Although along the way,
There is much with which to cope,
The one thing I’ll remember
Is my God-given hope.
When passing through the valley
Of death and despair,
My soul fears no evil—
Knowing God is there.

And by faith I will survive
The crux of every slope,
For as long as there is life—
Lord knows, I have hope.

© Walterrean Salley