May. 10, 2015

My Hiding Place

I’ve found a hiding place
That’s far above my troubles,
Far above my heartaches
And above my daily struggles.
And when the cares of life
Seem to press me so,
I seek my hiding place.

Stealing away from a busy day
Of responsibilities,
I, in sacred solitude,
Fall upon my knees
In my hiding place.
My lovely hiding place.

I retreat at any time
When yearning for relief,
To rid my doubts and fears
And strengthen my belief.
And each time I go—
New strength always flows
In my hiding place.
My lovely hiding place.

How confident I feel
To have a place so real.
And when I’m oppressed,
I find peace and rest,
For nothing shall betide me
That there is no victory
In my hiding place.
My secret hiding place.

(c) 1990 w. salley