May. 10, 2015


With longing eyes of pure passion,
He gazes ‘pon His lovely Bride.
The two hearts beat as if ‘tis one,
For she was taken from His side.
She now awaits the blissful hour
In which she shall be swept away.
And consummated with the One
Who deeply longs for her each day.
Her heart’s for Him and His for her,
They share a certain destiny:
A bond, to never be dissolved,
But moored for all eternity.
He is most lovely in her eyes.
And she a token unto Him.
He is her knight in shining armor.
She is His love--His one true gem.
Her soul is rapture before Him.
And whirling, twirling with delight,
She celebrates her well beloved,
Dancing for Him with her might.
Morning, evening, all day long,
She sings to Him a brand new song.
Her heart beating. Beating. Beating.
Time’s far spent, it won’t be long.
Come Lord Jesus to Your Bride;
She watches patiently and waits.
Thro’ sunshine, shadow, joy, pain:
Morning. Midnight. Early. Late.
Her lamp (trimmed} brightly burns;
The wick flickers on a whim.
As for her faithful and true Love,
Oh how she longs to be with Him.
He promised her a chariot ride
Above the earth, the sky and seas.
To cruise beyond the wild-blue yon
From turmoil to a life of ease.
The dowry given was His all,
He gave His entire life for her—
To purchase, lo, His one true Bride.
His Father’s blessings to confer.

Note: Of Christ and Christian His Bride

(c) w. salley