May. 17, 2015

A Perfect Day

In the ship of life, sailing o’er the sea of time.
Tempest raging, billows tossing, jolting the brine.
Launching, now, into the deep—from the tranquil shore
Sailing t’ward a promised land—a land forevermore.

A battered ship nears the land of perfect peace and glee,
As midnight furrows heavy brow on tempestuous sea.
So pow’rful a storm—thunder, lightning, ship-toss.
And so intense the gale—might everything be lost?

Sailing until dawn appears against celestial glow.
Thus, a golden day is born—heart could never know.
In harbor there, the ship docks and the anchor’s cast.
Stepping onto heaven’s shore, my soul is safe at last.
(8/2017 rev)

© 2014 w. salley