May. 29, 2015

Twinkie Takes A Dive

Condolences to Twinkie fans.
An unfortunately sad day
For those who love the pastry
And wish that it could stay.

All efforts have been sought
To keep Twinkie alive.
Alas the end has come—
The snack must take a dive.

As Twinkie lovers mourn
With cherished memories,
The workers mourn their loss,
Who’ve manned the factories.

Mourners of all ages,
Sorrowful in lieu,
Bow heavy heartedly
To bid Twinkie adieu…

While hoping that some miracle
Of resurrection could be
To revive, restore,
And set the Twinkie free.

O’er the many years
The product has been sold,
The Twinkie has seen kids
Grow and become old.

Sincere thanks to Hostess
For eighty-two fun years
Of such a tasty product
That has long endeared.

But Twinkie and the Ho Ho,
Must now take their rest.
Though we consumers love them,
The good Lord knows what’s best.

© 2012 Walterrean Salley