Jun. 8, 2015

A Prelude to My Psalms

From This Prison

From this prison I write, not bound by circumstances.
My soul freely praises and my spirit freely dances.
Tho’ the pangs of hell are befallen me,
I will trust in the powers that be.

I listen for His voice to descend like the dew,
Full of life and hope -- ever fresh and new.
And watch for His light to pierce the dark:
Watching. Praying. Singing like the lark.

The almighty Deliverer preserves me in His love.
He is the blessed hope the eons witness of.
From this prison I write, but in God I trust.
And thus to rest assuredly in Him I must.

I will lift my soul in faith and my heart with praise
For I know my Lord, He will never astound.
And I will lift my voice with thanksgiving.
From this prison I write not bound.

(c) Walterrean Salley