Jul. 27, 2015

Tiny House Movement

There's an obscure movement
Spreading 'cross the land.
The 'Tiny House Movement'—
The unfurling little band.

The occupants declare
The living to be sweet:
Be it sixty, eighty, ninety,
Or two-hundred-square-feet.

But it would take discipline,
Coupled with all grace,
For one to live contentedly
In such a compact space.

It seems, the basic concept
Is that of ‘downsizing.’
Some dare take it further
To that of ‘minimizing.’

It rids one of the clutter
So stifling that it haunts.
And offsets one's expenses
To the affording of their wants.

The simple, gorgeous structures
Sport effortless upkeep.
They’re delightful and so cozy;
There's even a loft for sleep.

Those built on wheels
Can travel to and fro—
Wherever and whenever
The owner wants to go.

‘Tis an interesting concept.
The thought is quite appealing,
Adventurous, exciting,
And somewhat revealing.

Indeed, there are challenges—
And such in many a way.
But it seems that 'Tiny House,'
Is, doubtless, here to stay.

(Revised 2015)

© Walterrean Salley.