Aug. 18, 2015

I Dream

I dream of peace in a world of war;
I dream of love where hatred reigns;
I dream of unity where there's division;
I dream of equality for all men.

I dream that men could see each other
A part of this vast human race;
To recognize each as a brother—
Not just a "worthless face."

I dream of liberty for all,
And justice for the poorest man;
It doesn't matter who he is—
But that he's a fellowman.

I dream of opportunities
For the disabled—you see,
Each is important
To our society.

I dream that one could trust another
With faith that rules fear:
Not one would seek to harm the other,
Nor to cause a painful tear.

I dream of caring hands,
Reaching every race;
And all strive to make
The world a better place.

Every shoulder is to the wheel,
Each burden carefully borne;
I see men go the EXTRA MILE,
For others who are worn.

It is such a dream so fair,
I wonder could it happen here?
Could these things ever be?
Or will my dream be shattered disappointedly?

© Walterrean Salley