Aug. 21, 2015

1998, A Year of Destiny

(U.S. and World Headlines)

Michael Kennedy
Laid to rest.
Sonny Bono
Meets his death.

Clinton scandal,
Summer drought,
Florida fires,
Lost of crops.

In Amarillo,
Oprah was sued -
And won the case,
‘Twas headline news.

Blood shed
In Kosovo.
The games begin
In Nagono.

School shootings.
Record heat waves.
Capitol killings
By man enraged.

Hong Kong battles
The Bird Flu.
Termites from hell,
What can we do?

Pol Pot
The butcher dies:
“Master of genocide.”

One nation’s
Alarming spook:
India, secretly,
Testing nukes.

Greenspan cuts
Interest rates.
Flo-Jo gone
At 38.

Corporate 'merge'
At record pace.
Market corrections
In the wake.

The talk of peace
And what to do:
Arafat meets
With Netanyahu.

Fourteen-named storms,
Spawning fear;
Deadliest season
In 200 years.

First was Alex,
And last, Nicole.
Mitch was monstrous,
So was Georges.

John Glenn returns
To outer space.
Will the Y2K bug
Win the race?

Gingrich out,
Livingston in.
Where will all
The madness end?

© 1998 Walterrean Salley