Aug. 21, 2015

The Clock Ticks Away

The Clock Ticks Away
Lend an ear
To what I will say,
The nation’s confused,
And the clock ticks away.
Political parties in disarray,
Shouting slogans in dismay,
Signs and banners on display,
While to clock ticks away.
Sparks fly and nerves fray,
As angry crowds have their day.
What do we thus portray,
As the clock ticks away?
Cat and mouse are at play,
Each, the other seeks to slay.
Lawyers whet their forte,
While the clock ticks away.
December 18th is Electoral Day,
And time is essential, I dare say,
While the clock ticks away.
The margin yet rests in gray.
The candidates are at bay.
What price does the country pay
While the clock ticks away?
No gleeful celebrations,
Pomp nor motorcade.
No true congratulations,
Nor concession to this day.
No sounding cheers nor confetti,
None is jubilant and gay.
Commemoration is on hold,
As the clock ticks away.
How did the election stray?
Such significant relay.
Will the President-elect pay,
As the clock ticks away?
Many wish the charade away,
But nothing’s changed as of today,
While the clock ticks away.

O yea, O yea, O yea!
Yonder comes Inaugural Day.
May we rest contentedly
Before the clock ticks away.

[Written November 15, 2000, during the 54th presidential election of the USA, which resulted in an unprecedented dilemma, as by fate, the state of Florida was to determine the outcome of such election.]

© 2000 Walterrean Salley