Aug. 21, 2015

The American Presidential Legacy

[U.S. history. Written January 15, 1999, approaching the eve of the
54th presidential election, at which time, America will elect her 43rd President.]

America's had great Presidents
Throughout her history.
Some were killed, others died,
Yet all were meant to be.
Each would bare the mantle
For a little stretch,
And then judiciously
Passed it to the next.
Washington, Adams
Jefferson, Madison—
Pioneering sons.
Monroe, Adams,
Jackson, Van Buren,
The presidency
Is enduring.
Harrison, Tyler
Polk, Taylor,
Men of frailty
And of valor.
Fillmore, Pierce,
Buchanan and Lincoln
Kept the nation's ship
From sinking.
Johnson, Grant,
Hayes and Garfield,
The latter
Whose fate was sealed.
Arthur, Cleveland,
Harrison, Cleveland
The latter
For a second term.
As fate would have it,
William McKinley
Was suddenly killed
While being friendly.
Roosevelt, Taft,
Wilson, Harding,
The White House
Under heavy guarding.

Coolidge, Hoover,
Roosevelt, Truman,
The presidents
Are only human.
Eisenhower, Kennedy,
Johnson, Nixon,
The nation needs
A bit of fixing.
Ford, Carter,
Reagan and Bush,
Starts with
A healthy push.
The end of Clinton's term
Draws nearer,
Ushering a brave
New era.
The 2nd millennium’s
Soon to close,
What fate brings,
No one knows.
Thus, America
Braces to see
Who her next leader
Will be.
May only those
Of wise degree
Inherit this potent

© 1999 Walterrean Salley