Aug. 21, 2015

I Love This Land

I love this land for all it is,
There is no other quite like this.
The place where our fathers died,
Built ‘pon the Pilgrims pride.
I love this land.

I love this land God gave to me:
With spacious sky, majestic sea,
Justice, peace and liberty,
The gifts of generosity.
I love this land.

I love this land where cattle graze.
In fertile field, crops are raised.
The eagle spreads her wings and fly
Way up in the mount’ns high.
I love this land.

America is home to me,
Nowhere else I’d rather be.
Grandeur rivers, splendid streams
Where men and women dare to dream.
I love this land.

God bless this nation of the free,
Leader of democracy:
Starry banner soaring high,
Hurling ‘neath the deep blue sky.
America, I love you so.
I love this land.

© Walterrean Salley