Aug. 21, 2015

Love Is...

Love is teaching,
Love is learning --
A faithful wheel
That’s always turning.

Love is patient,
Love is kind.
For the unsightly,
Love is blind.

Love is trusting
And believing.
Love is giving
And receiving.

Love is tough.
Love is sweet
And all together
Quite unique.

Love is tender,
Love is strong.
Love endures
The fiercest storm.

Love is endless.
It doesn’t quit,
But ranks among
The infinite.

Love is hoping
For the best.
Love will surely
Stand the test.

Love is not
Shallow ground,
But mysteriously
Never stubborn,
But is bending,
Love is truly

Love is precious
And complete,
Quite unique.

Love is faithful,
Love is true.
Love was made
For me and you.
Rev 11/1/01
(1 Corinthians, chapter 13)

© Walterrean Salley