Aug. 21, 2015

A Tribute to American Veterans

[In honor of the America veterans.]

We will never feel your pain,
Neither wear your scars,
Or know the terrible plight
That you have faced in war.

We’ll never know the restless nights
And struggles of the day,
The agony your folks endured
While you were away.

We will never see the images
That won’t fade away,
Nor hear the taunting voices
That haunt you to this day.

We don't know the private burden
You have bravely borne:
The tears, prayers and anguish.
And the agonizing scorn.

We cannot claim the courage
With which you have served,
Nor wear the gold medal
You so honorably deserve.

If ever there’s a brave heart,
None is more than you.
What you’ve given our country,
Few brave men would do.

A democratic society
With congressional halls
That the wheels of justice
Might turn for all.

Freedom of speech,
The right to express.
Freedom of religion
And of the press.

The freedom to act,
Without fear of taunt.
The freedom to elect
Whomever we want.

Mankind was created
Equal and free,
And you have protected
Such liberty.

America the beautiful,
Red, white and blue,
Embracing democracy,
Reflects upon you.

And I join the ranks
To sing your praise
With a proud salute,
E’er the flag is raised.

© Walterrean Salley