Aug. 21, 2015

Your Dreams Can Become a Reality

I have dreamed many dreams,
But they were only dreams.
The reality was so far away,
I merely hoped, imagined and prayed.
Then I realized the power within
To make those dreams come true.
Progress was in motion,
But in the face of obstacles,
Reality was only a notion.

I’ve wondered “How?” “When?”
With a mountain of impossibilities.
I often wanted to say
"That's it, I quit. I quit. I quit!"
But somehow, hope survived
And my faith was revived.
I realized the thoughts
And dreams that I perceived
Were mine to pursue and achieve.

Suddenly I understood that
Patience must take her course.
Perseverance must persist.
Endeavor must succeed.
For all for these things,
I must insist.

You can make it happen.
Believe in yourself,
Though no one else believes in you.
Have faith. Trust in God.
Then, and only then,
Can your dreams become a reality.

(c) Walterrean Salley