Aug. 31, 2015

Miracles Each Day

Miracles touch our lives each day
In a new, fresh and loving way:
The breath you breathe, and words you say,
From when you rise to when you lay.

‘Tis a miracle to walk or see.
Mark those who can’t, and you'll agree.
The grass, and flow’rs, adorning the sod,
Are miracles from the hand of God.

The soul’s emotions, and purpose of the mind,
And physical structure, are wonders in time.
Seasonal change, the rebirth of spring
When death yields life for all living things.

Universal order, the starry skies,
A tiny infant, a butterfly,
Are all miracles that touch each day,
Inspiring the heart in a wondrous way.

© 1998 Walterrean Salley