Sep. 2, 2015

The Kettle

[The following poem was penned in honor of the Salvation Army for its tremendous humanitarian efforts and the lasting impressions left upon society.]

The kettle of iron
Hangs within a frame,
From decades of long ago,
Each year it hangs the same.

The kettle symbolizes food,
Soup and so much more,
Embodying blessings
The giver cannot know.

The kettle symbolizes life
That food has power to give,
And tells of the impoverished,
Struggling to live.

It speaks of profound heartache
And misery by far,
Representing hands that give
To fight the “hunger war.”

The kettle, made of iron,
Countless lives has saved
By giving just a morsel
To John, and Sue, and Dave...

© Walterrean Salley