Oct. 25, 2015

The Regal and the Lay

Two men were born
On a certain day:
The one was regal
And the other ‘lay.’

It came to pass
After many a year
The lay died in faith
And the regal in fear.

He never sought PEACE
With his Savior and Lord,
Nor to obey
The sovereign Word.

So, the layman went up
But the regal did not;
For the layman had done
What the regal ought.

Now God is not
A respecter of man.
But ALL must obey
His divine plan.

Whether rich or poor,
One day we all
Must answer to Him
At the “judgment” call.

So, what does it profit
The young or the old
To gain the whole world
And lose their soul

@ 2009 Walterrean Salley