Oct. 21, 2016

A Music Apparatus

Music destroys barriers
And unites with one accord.
Such unique, performing art
Is delightful and adored.

Music is a balm for healing
Whatever ills might be.
It’s kindled many a fire,
And warms the heart with glee.

Music heightens awareness
In an ardent way.
Oft' it swirls dramas—
And scorings for a play.

Music is dynamic,
It ministers to ANY.
Scores, complex or basic;
Its venues are many.

For its patriotic gesture,
Music celebrates nations.
And, largely, is advanced
For all its innovations.

Ne'er downplay music,
It’s ability to inspire—
Kindling the heart,
Setting the soul a fire.

NOTE: A poem to celebrate music.

© 2016 W. Salley