Nov. 3, 2016

Articles of Heaven

Oh, when I get to heaven
That amazing promised land
Spoken of almighty God
An assertion true and grand

There’ll be no war, nor terror;
I will rest my shield and sword.
With eyes lifted, wondrously,
To gaze upon my sweet Lord.

And, there, I shall bow my knees
In grateful worship and praise—
Thanking God for his true love.
Then, perhaps, a song to raise

Ahh. To stroll that wondrous place—
A guide to lead me around.
To absorb His beauteous grace
The breathtaking sights and sounds.

I’ll visit friends and loved ones,
Those who’ve before me gone.
To fellowship with them there,
Where days shall ne’er be done.

© 2016 Walterrean Salley