Dec. 12, 2016

The Christmas Light

In little obscure Bethlehem
Two thousand years ago
God’s precious Son descended there
His Father’s love to show.

He lived amongst humanity
For thirty-three-long years,
Intensely laboring for peace
With blood, and sweat and tears.

He took the time to talk and laugh
And mingle among men.
For He had lots of enemies,
‘Tho He made many friends.

He surely was the one true Light
Here in this dark, dark world
Where gloomy darkness, pain and grief
In all despair unfurled.

While that true candle burns yet still
The world remains in night.
‘Twill burn until He comes again
In the fullness of His Light.

FOOTNOTE: ‘Twill is the contraction for ‘it will.’

© 2015 Walterrean Salley