Apr. 26, 2017


Two teenage friends went hiking
Along a familiar trail
In Northern Indiana.
The ‘plot’ would don a veil.

For the girls did not show up
At the appointed spot,
Reuniting with the kin
Said to have dropped them off.

So it became obvious
That something went awry.
And next came the somber news
That’ll make a heart cry.

Investigators sought help
To find the perpetrator
As the blood of those two girls
Pled to the Creator.

Whodunit? For now remains
An unsolved mystery.
But time, and chance, and purpose
Shall claim the victory.

The girls from the hiking trail—
Their story must unfold;
Some day in vindication
The bare truth shall be told.

FOOTNOTE: Written February 25, 2017 as my heart was so touched by the recent unfortunate headline story of the two missing girls in Indiana. Prayers are with the families.

© 2017 Walterrean Salley