May. 22, 2017

Bow WOW!

A frightened dog was stranded
Upon a frozen lake,
The fireman then would risk his life
For the lil doggy’s sake.

The dog was coached to safety
But, then, the ice would break.
Fireman plunged to cold waters
Into the icy lake.

The doggy walked to safety
As the fireman was towed
And I was very relieved
As the tension lowered.

And, so, all did turn out well.
Both, man and dog, were saved;
Rescued from the eager grasp
Of an icy, bleak grave.

FOOTNOTE: Wow! This videoed story was well received. And the myriad comments posted were with blessings bestowed -- warming countless hearts as the heaping thoughts flowed.

© 2017 Walterrean Salley