Sep. 6, 2017

Beware of Hurricane Irma

Living on the East Coast?
Then, please, beware.
A newly-formed hurricane
Eerily looms near.

Harvey is now history;
Thank God, he is no more.
But the hurricane 'Irma'
Hastens to the shore.

Her winds are quite powerful
At one seventy-five.
Thus, she might be a cat 4,
Or even a cat 5.

While Irma’s route, not known,
Could be here or there.
One thing that’s for certain is—
She will land somewhere.

Irma is a vicious storm—
Could be deadly too.
Oh, may we heed the forecaster’s
Plea to me and you.

As of Wednesday, September 5, 2017, according to AccuWeather, Hurricane Irma is headed for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. And could hit Florida, as well. However, the said projections could change momentarily. The public is strongly advised to tune to your local weather stations, and news reports, for the latest updates. God bless, and be safe everybody.

© 2017 Walterrean Salley