Dec. 30, 2017

Maria Devastated Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria,
With rancor in her stride,
Swept ‘cross the Virgin Isles.
From her, none could hide.

Smashing Puerto Rico
She turned it upside down.
Forced it into crisis mode,
And made it a ghost town.

She struck right quick and hard
To whirl, and twist and toss.
Cut water, food and pow’r
As folks wept for their loss.

Maria spun casualties
Among those near and dear.
But time still trundles on
Tho life is all but clear.

Midst such devastation,
Who knows where to begin?
But the people must rebuild
Regardless the tail spin.
Note: On September 18, 2017—hurricane Maria tore through the Virgin Islands devastating Puerto Rica.

© 2017 Walterrean Salley