Sep. 18, 2020

Inspiration from the Hummingbird

Come now little hummingbird.
Hum for me a lovely song.
Imparting some gracious word,
Be it brief or be it long.

Beauty in a small package;
Such delightful company.
Most colorful of creatures
In Mom Nature's symphony.

What important bird you are
On the great Creator's tree.
Pollinating the flowers
That they're pretty as can be.

Hummingbird and little me,
A fine collaboration.
Smallest birdie in the world,
But huge on inspiration.

Thank you for your precious time.
And for making this to be
Not just a moment in time,
But a special day for me.

The tiny hummingbird was such an inspiration
that it inspired me to pen this poem. For a bit of encouragement, I'll take beauty wherever I can find it in these days and times. Beauty strengthens the heart. Stay strong everybody. We, only, can get through this together.

© 2020 Walterrean Salley