Nov. 27, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020 Mid COVID-19

COVID-19 makes Thanksgiving 2020 a challenge for all. However, some will realize that, still, there is much for which to give thanks.

And others, who have experienced the worst of the worst, will ponder: 'what is there left to be grateful for?' But if ever words rang true, surely, 'it could be worse.'

Indeed, the world is a very dark place right now, but just a tad bit of light in darkness proves priceless.Thus in spite of these turbulent times, as critical as they are, still there is hope - even for those who have experienced the greatest loss.

So, in earnest, may you take a moment of solitude to reflect and ponder on what this year has meant to you that you might garner, from this unfortunate experience, the things that will make you strong.

And may you be able to focus, as we prepare to soon take up life's reins and journey on into the New Year.

Many will not be able to cross over with us, but be cencouraged. May you find the strength to be grateful and give thanks, as you continue life's journey - if it means that you must go alone.

Oh God, give us eyes to see, the heart to feel, the ability to understand, and the wisdom to know… in order that we might grasp the real meaning of Thanksgiving in these unfortunate times of calamity, pain and loss,discouragement and despair. May it not dim our vision,but cause the light of hope and faith to shine ever bright - guiding us to an utopia of peace.

Have a safe Thanksgiving EVERYONE. Blessings to you.

(Written 11/25/20)

© 2020 Walterrean Salley