Feb. 18, 2021

Why Roses?

What is it about the rose
That just fascinates us so
That we'd give it as a gift
Unto people that we know?

Of roses we make emblems.
Or feature them on a card.
Or make a chic 'centerpiece.'
Or display them in some ward.

For the rose, songs are written
Full of lyrics with bright hue:
It's a flower sought by lovers
When some special day is due.

Oh for its unique petals
Emanating a sweet mist.
There are poems penned for the rose -
For the flower that it is.

What is it about the rose
That we'd order it by mail -
Made Special Delivery?
The stuff of a fairytale.

Why do we pay good money
For a flower that's called 'Rose?'
We do it for the beauty
And elegance, I suppose.

And, also, for the message
One's desiring to convey,
Which is hidden in the rose -
There, so gently, tucked away.

Footnote: Roses for Valentine's. Yeah.

© 2020 Walterrean Salley