Apr. 18, 2021

Hold to Those Life Lessons

From infancy through old age, if lucky -
We are sure to garner
A wealth of 'life lessons.'

Lessons brought to us
By a parent, teacher, leader,
Sibling,friend, or stranger.
Even an animal (wild or docile).
As well as from other experiences
And circumstances encountered.

And the many lessons we learn
Will be there to see us through
Times of sorrow and sadness.
Sickness and pain.
Trials and temptations.
Difficulty, confusion, and adversity.

But what of these golden lessons?
Like a guiding light,
They will lead and guide.
They will strengthen and prepare.
They will comfort, encourage
And give directions at crossroads.

Such beautiful lessons will help us
To make good choices
At life's crucial-pivoting points.

So, be grateful.
And ever be careful to embrace -
And not forget the lessons learned.
For you might need them one day.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley