Apr. 28, 2021

Things That Are Beautiful

Beauty is love, joy and peace.
Beauty is kinfolk and friends.
A lovely smile on one's face.
Or some bright-colorful blend.

Beauty's the light in one's eye.
And the skill to understand.
It is the warmth of the heart,
Working like a magic wand.

Beauty is little 'children.'
It is babies being born.
It's the elderly 'mongst us.
And the youthfulness of morn.

The beauty of a sunset,
And the beauty of the rain.
A beautiful waterfall...
Rolling hills beyond the plain.

Beauty is 'true' harmony -
Whether laughter or concern.
Like it's beautiful to play,
So it's beautiful to Learn.

Yes beauty is all around;
It is found everywhere.
As for the heart that's opened,
Beauty lingers ever near.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley