May. 8, 2021

Happy Mothers Day to the 'Animal' Kingdom

The big Momma elephant
Is exceptionally strong.
She's protective of her young
So that nothing might go wrong.

The adorable lil calves,
Betimes surrounded by the herd,
Running, dashing in and out,
Often test Big Momma's nerves.

Although she loves them dearly
(Evident by a Mom's glow),
She oft' teaches stern lessons
That will 'groom,' and help them grow.

Until they're parents themselves,
With their little 'Eve' and 'Mike,'
Who are sure to test their nerves -
Then they'd know what it is like.

Note: Baby elephants are called calves. Happy Mothers Day to the 'animal' moms. We humans could learn a lot from them.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley