May. 9, 2021

A Prayer for All Mothers

Father, bless all the mothers
On this fair Mother's Day.
Embrace them with your love,
Lifting them 'bove skies of gray.

Forever draw them near,
When they are far away.
Strengthen them in weakness;
And never let them sway.

Teach them how to nurture
With the wisdom to guide
Those entrusted to their care.
And bless their daily stride.

Give them understanding,
With the patience of Job;
For mothers need your help
To don the 'Mothers Robe.'

And each tear that they may shed,
Turn it into solid gold.
Please bless their families
With all blessings untold.

Dear Lord, hear their prayers -
When they call upon You.
And in all of their troubles,
Please see them safely through.

Note: Dedicated to all mothers on this Mothers Day (May 9, 2021).

© 2021 Walterrean Salley