May. 9, 2021

For the Single Moms on Mother's Day

Sometimes, it can be quite hard,
For the mom who is alone,
To meet her children's needs -
In addition to her own.

For some, the nights are long and cold.
And with her children in her arms,
Discouragement looms ever near,
Bringing with it certain alarm.

Lord, be her friend and keeper.
Be her strength and true guide
That never will forsake her,
But will be there by her side.

Keep her children safe from harm.
Make them the best that they can be.
And, Lord, teach them right from wrong.
Guide through paths that they can't see.

Let them know how much they're loved.
That mom and children, both, belong
And they can beat the odds in life.
May they know that they are strong.

Bless her efforts and desires -
Struggling to raise her children well.
As for the endless sacrifice?
'Tis something only she can tell.

When she is lonely and alone,
Father, keep her company there.
And when she's tired and weary,
Give her strength to go from there.

So, Mom, please keep your chin up.
It matters not about the odds,
For you should strive to be the mom
That will be pleasing unto God.

Happy Mother's Day. Be Strong.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley