May. 20, 2021


She is a thing of beauty -
Uniquely made.
And to her counterpart...
A compatible aide.

She's of nature's gentle side,
But with 'strong' constitution.
And once her mind is set,
There is 'firm' resolution.

She's amazingly smart,
Tho' might seem anything but.
Never underestimate
The cloth from which she's cut

Perhaps not self sufficient,
Still she's an independent mind,
And can be industrious -
Crushing the daily grind.

Oft, savvy and clandestine,
With a really clever brain,
You can't outsmart a woman,
Who's on top of her game.

A man may have power,
And prestige, topped with clout;
But a woman's got ways,
He just can't figure out.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley