Jun. 7, 2021

Ways of the Narcissist

Narcissistic attitude
Is every bit uncharming,
And can be quite dangerous
With the intent of harming.

He clashes with other folks
Quite often during qualming -
Unawares he is amiss,
And he should try disarming.

He can drive his spouse insane
With grief, instead of calming.
And freezes his own children -
When they're in need of warming.

Family, friends, EVERYONE -
Knows something's ever 'forming.'
And, so, will distance themselves
From the narc's eerie spawning.

Always on their P's and Q's
(There is no time for yawning),
Gearing for the narc's next move
With minds alert, and arming.

So, unto the narcissist,
He thinks himself quite charming.
But, in fact, unto all else
He's deemed to be alarming.

Now here's a bit of warning!
His inner self is storming -
And, thus, he needs reforming.
'For a narc, that'd be BALMING.'

Endnotes: Disclaimer: All men are NOT narcissists. And narcs are not all male. But a narc can be a man, woman, boy, or girl.

English: 'qualming.' The definition of qualming (ˈkwɑːmɪŋ) in British English. 1) The state of having a qualm. (obsolete.)
2) Characterized by or having a qualm.
*Collins English Dictionary.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley