Jun. 20, 2021

Oh for a Happy Pappy

Lord be gracious,
And bless my Pappy.
Give him some wine,
And make him happy.
But not the wine
Of this world's vat.
For there is one
Better than that.
The one that's found
In Your abode,
For which I pen
This certain ode.
"The Holy Spirit"
Is the new wine
On which Pappy
So ought to dine.
Bless Pappy Lord
With Your holy ghost.
And, so, for such
I give good toast.
(Revised 6/2021)

Endnote: A fun verse. Happy Father's Day! ☺
Hello everyone. Thanks for being here. Please
note that this item has been reworked. Hope you enjoy the flow of the new version. Thanks. Have a blessed day.

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