Jun. 20, 2021

God Help the Pessimist

"Debbie Downer," so it's called
That little "peskamist®"
Always on the down side -
For which one should resist.

She can't see the sunshine,
For focusing on rain.
But life's full of beauty;
Please, Deb, just look again.

Indulging self pity,
Instead of breaking out.
At times we're all a 'Deb,'
And that without a doubt.

Yet all are not "downers,"
Though some might full-well be.
Just focus on the good
That works for you and me.
(Penned in 2020 by Walterrean Salley)

Endnote: He's a Debbie. She's a Debbie. They're a Debbie. We're a Debbie. This poem is to heighten the awareness of the annoyingly problematic actions of a pessimistic person. The gist? Beware: There are "Downers" everywhere.

Peskamist® - is a term, which I've coined, as a nickname for the pessimist. Its sound compliments the 'intended' humor of the poem, 'The Pessimist.' And besides, it rhymes with the word 'resist.'

(© 2021 Walterrean Salley)