Nov. 5, 2021

Those Fallen Amongst Us

Willows weeping pon the earth
The days of sadness and of fear
Night is fallen hard pon us
Joy is overwhelmed by tears.

Trees have fallen all around
The tall, the short - young and old
Cedar, fir, mahogany.
Pine and oak. The bright and bold.

Saplings lie 'mongst the fallen.
And young twigs - once so adored,
Whose height stood just above ground;
Now, their place is nevermore.

Endnotes: Here's a poem, in which I shared some thoughts on the COVID pandemic. It was written April 23, 2020 (the year following the COVID-19 outbreak). The trees mentioned herein represent people of every genre, falling everywhere. What a time it was for us "inhabitants of this earth." But, thank God, things are so much better. We've come a long way.

© 2020 Walterrean Salley