Nov. 16, 2021

Festive Holidays on a Roll

The Holidays have started
And so we are on a roll.
Labor Day and Halloween
Are first on the festive 'knoll.'

Don't forget Veterans Day
They are a hero's hero,'
Who is esteemed more highly
Than the Emperor Nero.

The next few kilometers
Will bring us to Thanksgiving
To show appreciation
And gratitude for living.

Thereafter is Christmastime,
As we continue to roll.
Till we cover Year's Eve
'Pon completion of our stroll.

But New Year's Day is our aim.
Yes, that's our targeted goal;
I pray we'll all crossover
And our God will keep our soul.

Endnote: See you on the other side (2022)! Bon voyage. "Whoo hoo!"

Hi everybody, In spite of the fact that I love Veterans Day and the honoring of our beloved Vets for their enduring services rendered in behave of our great country; nonetheless, I forgot to include Veterans Day in this 'Hall of Famers' lineup, and, therefore, have specially rewritten the poem to reflect that all-important holiday (See verse 2). It's a joy sharing with you. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

© 2021 Walterrean Salley