Nov. 23, 2021

Thank You Ms. Veteran

Thank You Ms. Veteran,
Our hats are off to you
For your time, and services,
And sacrifices too.
"You're one of a kind."

You are a true patriarch
Whose patriotism showed
When you saw the country's need,
And was 'compelled' to go.
"Your breed's hard to find."

Having embraced the 'challenge'
Of MILITARY life...
Makes you that special daughter,
Sister, auntie or wife.
"You've endured the grind."

As courageous young women,
You've dared to take a stand.
As mothers you've protected
Our great motherland.
"Women of like mind."

Your courage is reflective
Of your most noble goal -
Whatever the part you've played
In military role.
"Leaving all behind."

And so, may our gratitude
(A grateful-sounding chime)
With multitudes of tributes -
As well, this sincere rhyme -
"Salute you in kind."

© 2012 by W. Salley.
© 2021 Thank You Ms. Veteran (Reworked) by Walterrean Salley.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley