Nov. 25, 2021

The Eve of Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving Eve,
I woke up very cold,
But realized that I had shelter;
So I passionately gave thanks
From the warmness of my heart.

I put off breakfast because
I wanted something different to eat
Than what I normally would have.
But then, after one tiny thought, I realized:
Some folks had little to nothing at all.
And I could have been among them.
It changed my perspective.
Besides, we are in an ongoing 'food shortage'
I became grateful, instead of complaining,
And, in turn, was blown away.
For this, I gave heartfelt thanks.

Next, I thought about my family:
Learned I'd lost my aunt on Thanksgiving Eve.
My dearest brother died in Feb., 2021.
Lost my sister-in-law to COVID in Feb, 2021.
My ex sister-in-law died in Feb., 2021.
Although I grieved, I humbly bowed my heart,
Thanking God for my family that's yet alive,
And the 'personal loss' was not any greater.

As, routinely, I watched the news-
Only to find that COVID stats were up.
Oh no! I thought. Bummers!
But, I remembered when 10s of thousands
Were dying daily.
And hospitals were overflowing
With critical cases of COVID.
Even 'funeral homes' were overwhelmed.
Countries had to perform mass burials.
And so, at a second glance -
I was, oh, so grateful
To give thanks for such a reprieve -
The fact that it's not as bad as it has been.

During these reflections, I thought of friends
From whom I have been separated
(quarantine, social distancing, shutdown)
Being hard hit by the Pandemic.
And I grieved for the misfortune of us all.
But rejoiced in knowing 'friends' will be there.
COVID may kill the body, but not the soul.
It can't kill 'love' that's in the hearts of friends.
I am thankful that it cannot weaken,
Or destroy, the power of true friendship,
Nor the strength of committed relations.

Finally, I noted my personal health status...
A constant challenge for many years.
But of late, I've overcome a deadly Infection.
Had a successful battle against COVID-19.
Beat an unrelated case of pneumonia.
Beat a sudden episodic-pulmonary retraction
That was painful and severe.
Of course, such made me wish for better.
But, also, it compelled me
To thank God immensely
For the fact that I am alive today
With a reasonable portion
Of health and strength,
Along with the expectation
Of fulfilling my life's goals.
Such a wish can be granted only
By the grace and favor of the most high.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Heavenly Father, I thank You.
"What a Thanksgiving it's going to be."

Endnote: "Let's make it a good one."

© 2021 Walterrean Salley