Dec. 24, 2021

Sunflowers Are Like the Sun

Your smiley face, laughing at me,
Makes me laugh, too, for what I see:
Green and yellow to gold and brown,
With little petals all around.

Your happy face beams like the sun.
Captivating my heart. You've won!
Like children play, you are so fun.
And in my sight, you're next to none.

Whene'er I see you - ANYWHERE,
My heart skips, and dances on air.
To put a smile upon my face,
You make the world a lovely place.

There, in some fields, so big and wide -
You'll only find sunflow'rs inside,
Where the horizon meets the sun -
Greeting the earth as day's begun.

Indeed, you are my fav flower,
As over other plants, you tow'r.
Sunflowers! Sunflowers every day,
They make my heart a child at play.

Footnote: tow'r an abbreviation for 'tower,' which means: Rise to reach a great height.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley