Dec. 26, 2021

Christmas Quotes

1) Christmas never fails to visit each year, bringing with it the offerings of peace, love, joy and all that we hold so dear.

2) Like the Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco to Marin, County California - even so, New Year's is the "bridge" that connects us to the next phase of our lives.

3) New Year's is a time for new beginnings; thus, a blank canvas is awaits you.

4) New Year's is the crossing over into another zone; so please be careful as you tread.

5) Christmas is ethereal. It goes beyond the festive mode (food, decorations, cards and presents), as, truly, the pure experience is accessed only by way of the intangible, which is to "open one's heart to the holy Omniscient-divine One."

6) Aside from all the pomp and ceremony, and all the merchandizing, Christmas is one of the deepest spiritual experiences possible.

7) With all the peace, love, joy, good wishes, presents and gifts, I wish that it were possible to taste the sweetness of Christmas literally, as it is spiritually to do so.

8) If I had a dollar or two for each of my sweet Christmas memories, I would be rich.

9) Wish I could save some Christmas "sunshine" (joy) in a bottle for a rainy (gloomy) day.

10) For me to put a face on Christmas, most definitely, it would be the face of Christ.

11) Don't just enjoy the magic of Christmas, but be a part in making it happen.

12) It's okay that you don't celebrate Christmas, but please don't spoil it for those who do.

13) These (current times) are the times when one merely wishes Santa was real.

14) If I had a dollar for all of my happy Christmas experiences, I would be rich.

15) Yesterday is like a 'lookingglass,' reflecting "Christmases of old." And to reminisce, or revisit, any bygone Christmas, the mind has only to peer into the mirror (yesterday) to "access the archives".

Revised 1/23/22