Feb. 14, 2022

Those Magical Christmases

(Blessed be those parents that have the ability to bring Christmas alive in the heart and life of a child.)

Bless all those parents
That made such big deal
Transforming Christmas
Into something real.

They made Holidays festive -
Bringing characters to life,
In which Santa was welcomed,
As well as his wife.

They made trees lovely
And tinsel to shine.
And food delicious
When 'twas time to dine.

They made songs ring out
And poems sweetly rhyme.
And fruitful aroma
To compliment pine.

They made Christmas carols
A classical gem -
That they'll not grow old,
Forgotten, or dim.

They made cats and dogs,
Hamsters and ferrets
To feel the embrace
Of human parents.

And a wide-eyed babe
To peruse a room,
While giggling and kicking,
And flailing its arms.

The beauty of Christmas
So mesmerizing
(In the eyes of children),
Was fun and inspiring!

The walls were quite safe,
And sleep was inviting,
As pastries were yummy,
And laughter - exciting.

They made snow wondrous,
And the candles bright,
As chimneys billowed
All throughout the night.

Presents were desired.
And cards so inspired,
As past 'nostalgia'
Made old friends admired.

And to a little child's
Inquisitive heart,
God was made real
In every part.

In displaying genius,
Elemental appeal,
They made a child's Christmas
Amazingly real.
(Penned 12/25/20)
(Rev. 2/24/2022)

(c) 2022 Walterrean Salley