Mar. 19, 2022

Patrick - Patron Saint of Ireland

Born in Britain, 4th century,
Then kidnapped when he was sixteen,
And brought to Ireland as a slave,
Where quite deprived of rightful means.

But as fate had it for Patrick,
He would 'escape' captivity -
And by the Providence of God,
Pursue his sacred destiny.

Patrick - patron saint of Ireland,
And missionary on a mission,
Would later return to Ireland -
Turning Irishes to Christians.

Having died in 461,
Religious services and feasts
Would venerate his godly life,
And honor his mortal release.
© 2022

ENDNOTE: St. Patrick was born in Roman Brittain, kidnapped at age 16, and taken to Ireland as a slave. Later, he escaped his captivity, and returned to his family in Britain. As a missionary, he went back to Ireland, and converted many Irishmen to Christianity.

© 2022 Walterrean Salley