May. 7, 2022

Mom, I Thank You

When I was very young,
Momma taught me how to pray.
Those sacred words, I'd repeat -
Even to this day.

I remember, she taught me
How to make-up a bed...
From the fitting of a sheet,
To a comforter, or spread.

And I remember Momma
Teaching me to launder clothes -
A memory so haunting
When I tend to be a sloth.

Once, I lied to Momma,
Quickly finding - it won't work:
Bet she tore my fanny up -
Nipping that "distasteful" quirk.

Though Mom's no longer with me,
Her teachings, yet, live on:
Ringing within my heart,
Like an old-familiar song.

"Thank you." I thank you, Momma.
For all that you would give -
Bringing me into the world,
And teaching me how to live.

© 2022 Walterrean Salley