Jun. 20, 2022

The Smart Phone

The Smart cell phone
Has a mind of its own.
But will do what it's told -
'When in the right mode.'

Never take chances.
Be wise. Spell check.
And only press ‘send’
When a ‘text’ is correct.

As for 'Spell Check,'
Please take note!
Always re-check
What Spell Check wrote.

Often, the cursor's
All over the place
As you are typing.
Then you must erase….

All that was typed
Cause you didn't know
That the cursor was tripping
On the wrong row.

But then, it happens
All over again –
Until you notice
The nagging trend.

So you must keep eyes
On the cursor, for where
It might be blinking,
And start from there.

As for 'Voice Access,'
Dear user, BEWARE:
The best advice?
Proceed with care…

Or you will see things
That you didn't say
As the 'Voice Access'
Bogarts its own way.

But you can't deny
The 'love-hate' relate,
When it comes to…
The cell phone debate.

NOTE: Too much PC problems. Seems that they all have decided to malfunction simultaneously. And I've decided to vent. Haha.

Walterrean Salley