Sep. 12, 2022

Patience Seems a Lost Art

We hardly exercise patience anymore.
Among virtues, it is a core,
And an automatic destresser.

For example, not everyone
will take time to be kind anymore:
We plug our ears and close the door.

We have no patience to wait
For the green light,
And so, we run the red.

We've no time to stop
And ask for directions,
So we wander in circles.

We don't have time for children,
So we ignore them.

There is no time
For preparing home meals,
So we dine "out."

Instead of the courtesy
Of hearing someone out,
We cut them ever so short.

And finally. We don't have tIme
For the elderly, so we curse,
And push them aside.

Not an iota of patience
Do some folks have,
And they know it all too well.
While others declare they have a lot,
But if so, then it's hard to tell.

© 2022 Walterrean Salley